ROSS+associates was created in 2001 as a merger of WFR Associates and Cooper-Ross sv.The company is based in Atlanta, Georgia and is active throughout the state and on the national level. Today, the firm and its principals are recognized leaders in the fields of land use planning, long-range comprehensive planning, zoning and land development regulation,and capital improvement programming and financing techniques.

   WFR Associates was formed in 1988 by William F. Ross as an Atlanta-based planning consulting firm, following twelve years of experience in public service and six years of private sector work.
   Cooper-Ross sv was formed in 1992 as a special venture between WFR Associates and Cooper Consulting Company of Birmingham, Alabama. Mr. Ross served as a Principal of the firm, along with his partner, Connie Cooper.
    In addition to ROSS+associates, much of the work done by the firm’s principals on zoning and land development regulations in the state has been accomplished through its sister company, the Georgia Zoning Institute. The Institute was created in order to bring together legal and engineering expertise to focus exclusively on regulatory issues facing cities and counties in Georgia. William F. Ross, President of ROSS+associates, is also President of the Georgia Zoning Institute.

The firm is located at:

2161 Peachtree Road, NE
Suite 806
Atlanta, Georgia 30309
Tel. 404-355-4505