The corporate vision of the firm is to assist the client in devising a strategy that will meet public needs for coping with anticipated growth and change within financial realities. This vision is interwoven into the firm's range of services and experienced through individual projects.
Comprehensive planning includes the identification of land use and community facility needs based on future forecasts of population growth and economic development demand, and on projected patterns of land use development. Implementation and financing services focus on Short Term Work Programs and Capital Improvement Programs, and resources such as bond financing, Impact Fee Programs and Community Improvement Special Tax Districts. Implementation is furthered through state-of-the-art land development regulations that translate local Plan objectives into actual requirements within realistic staffing capabilities. Public outreach and involvement through such vehicles as festivals, workshops, web sites, media and handout brochures are hallmarks of the firm’s approach to planning assignments, through Public Involvement Programs developed with each client.

Comprehensive Planning

  • Long-Range Comprehensive Plans
  • Land Use and Neighborhood Plans
  • Economic and Business Development Strategies
  • Short Term Work Programs
  • Unified Land Development Codes
  • Zoning and Subdivision Regulations
  • Sign Ordinances
  • Development Permitting and Review Procedures
  • Capital Improvement Programs
  • Impact Fees
  • Water and Sewerage Connection Fees
  • Community Improvement Districts